AdVenture South Now

AdVenture South is a television series that will originally be shot in Latin America, then Africa, Asia and ultimately 5 continents. It begins in Latin America due to its social, economic and cultural proximity and importance to the United States.

Living Abroad on Purpose

The cross cultural Living abroad show tells the stories of three Americans who have chosen to live in a different country, embracing a new culture and lifestyle.

Latin Mosaic with Patricia Gras

The Latin Mosaic with Patricia Gras is a locally produced, half-hour newsmagazine-style show. Each episode has six segments which will cover various areas where the Latino community is making its mark. From music and dance to cuisine and features on local community leaders.

College Smart Series

A web series produced by college students based on the Living Smart series with Patricia Gras. Students write, shoot, edit and produce the series from a college student perspective. 


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